Anyone who has ever had a baby will agree that it is a life-changing event. And then, if you are very lucky, you get to be someone's Grammie. Well, I am very lucky, and in November of 2004, I got to be Carter's Grammie.

Because I am also fortunate enough to live close to my son and his family, I wanted Carter to have a safe and comfy place to sleep at his Grammie's house. It was because the thought of wrestling with a crib mattress again did not appeal to me, that I made what has become the Speedie Sheet Bedding System.

Although laziness was my original motivation, I have come to realize that crib mattresses fit much more tightly in the crib frame today, and are, therefore, much more difficult to change than when I was changing crib sheets the first time around.

An increase in comfort and cleaner beds would certainly benefit our military heroes (who have given so much to protect our way of life), individuals with disabilities, and those of us embarking on our twilight years who choose to spend our last years at home. The ability to provide clean bedding in seconds is an invaluable tool for anyone responsible for fresh, clean sheets.

Jan Curtis, Chief Executive Officer

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