The Speedie Bedding System consists of a mattress cover/base and 2 waterproof sheets, which allows the sheet to be changed without moving the mattress or the bumpers.

The mattress cover/base is installed only once. Afterwards, the mattress and bumpers remain undisturbed. The Speedie Sheet is attached to the mattress cover/base with hook and loop fasteners surrounding the perimeter of the top of the mattress cover/base.

When it is time to change the sheet, simply grab a corner and pull toward the center of the mattress until the Speedie Sheet is loose. Next lay a clean Speedie Sheet on top of the mattress and secure the hook and loop fasteners by pressing down with your hand around the edge of the sheet.

You just changed a sheet in less than Thirty Seconds!

Two D-Rings are attached on each side of the elastic edges on the underside of the mattress cover. Removable straps are fed through the opposing D-Rings and secured by Velcro® brand fasteners.
Strips of Velcro® Brand Fasteners are spaced around the top of the mattress cover to securely attach the easily changeable top.
Corresponding strips of Velcro® Brand fasteners are spaced around the underside of the top sheet. Fabric of the top sheet overhangs mattress once top sheet has been attached. The finished product! A smooth protective top sheet that can be changed in seconds with only one hand!

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