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Speedie, The One-Handed Sheet® is a unique, patent-pending* bedding system originally designed to address the difficulty of changing baby crib sheets.

The Speedie Sheet system incorporates an adjustable mattress cover with detachable top portions.

Only the top portion which is secured by Velcro® brand fasteners to the mattress cover must be changed to provide clean bedding.

The mattress cover is held securely in place with straps incorporating Velcro® brand fasteners that run both vertically and horizontally beneath the mattress.

* – Patent Pending, Serial #11/330,989


Ease of use
  • Time Savings – Speedie, The One–Handed Sheet can be changed in less than thirty (30) seconds and if necessary, using only one hand.
  • For cribs – Bumpers and dust ruffles do not need to be moved to change the sheets in the crib.
  • For hospital beds – a fresh clean sheet can be provided in an occupied bed with minimal disturbance to the occupant.
  • Velcro® brand fasteners insure that the top portion is easily removed and replaced.
  • Uncomfortable wrinkles are eliminated because the sheet is held securely in place with Velcro® brand fasteners.
  • Although the sheet is waterproof, it is also breathable.
  • Because Speedie is so easy to use, sheets can be changed more often providing not only increased comfort but more sanitary conditions.
Cost Savings
  • Less fabric to wash results in lower laundry expenses.
  • Because the sheets can be washed and sterilized certain disposal costs can be eliminated thereby making Speedie Eco-Friendly.
  • Cost savings will be realized in time savings.
  • Risk of injury for the parent or caretaker will be lessened because the mattress does not have to be moved to change the sheet.


Only Speedie, The One-Handed Sheet has a mattress cover which is held firmly in place by adjustable straps connected both vertically and horizontally beneath the mattress using Velcro® brand fasteners.

Adjustability is critically important.

  • The top portion must be securely attached to the mattress cover for comfort and to prevent entrapment.
  • The mattress cover must be secure which can only be accomplished with adjustable straps which allow for varying mattress depths.

Barrier fabrics can be cleaned using non-chlorine bleach and can be sterilized using steam.

Speedie Sheets for hospital beds and adult beds have a drop which covers the sides of the mattress to protect the mattress cover reducing the chance of having to remove and launder the mattress cover.

In our original design, the straps beneath the mattress were permanently attached to the mattress cover – a laundry nightmare! Now the straps secured with Velcro® brand fasteners are completely detachable – an enormous improvement according to crib users!

Over Other Similar Brands

The Other Guys
Quick Zip NO NO NO NO
SOS Mattress Protector NO WATERPROOF NO NO
The Ultimate Crib Sheet NO WATERPROOF NO NO
* – Barrier fabrics are waterproof, breathable, and can be formulated to provide protection against allergens, bacteria, etc.
** – Federal Standard 16 CFR 1632, US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Why Not The Other Guys?
Zip Sheets Their mattress cover is not adjustable and therefore, it might fit tightly on one mattress, but tend to shift on a thinner mattress.
Quick Zip This application depends upon the use of a separating zipper around the entire perimeter of the top of the mattress – very inconvenient if the bed is in a corner or against a wall.
SOS Mattress Protector Again, separating zippers are used, but in this application only along the length of the mattress – again very inconvenient if the bed is in a corner or against a wall.
The Ultimate Crib Sheet Safety issues would appear to be a problem with this application as it depends upon elastic straps around the crib spindles.

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